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Bella Shaw - Television Spokesperson and Former CNN Anchor 


Consumer Testimonials

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your company for developing such a useful and wonderful product. The mouth is one of the most common entry points for germs into our bodies. Although not developed specifically for the cancer patient, I must comment as an oncologist about the huge potential benefit for this cohort of patients that are historically immunocompromised due to their toxic treatment regimens.

I am constantly vigilant about preventing secondary infections in my patients who are under active treatment. Your product shares my goal to achieve an environment of hygiene and safety.

Also, the fact that there is no alcohol in the product makes it perfect for patients undergoing radiation therapy, especially to sites within the head and neck. I am not in the habit of writing testimonials, but when a product comes out that has such a potential influence on the positive outcomes of my patients, I feel I must express my gratitude."

I am planning on recommending your product to all of my patients. Keep up the good work."

Thomas R. Eanelli MD - Radiation Oncologist - Founder of CROC: Citizens Reunited to Overcome Cancer -

"Since being introduced to Bocca Pura, I have added it to my daily routine and life with great satisfaction and ease.

Bocca Pura provides a quick and refreshing way to clean my mouth anywhere and anytime. I feel confident knowing the product is environmentally friendly, natural and safe, and kills germs on contact. Bocca Pura has a fresh, clean taste and leaves my mouth feeling like I just left the dentist's office. My bristles are noticeably cleaner after spraying them with Bocca Pura. A spray of Bocca Pura along with my toothpaste leaves my mouth, teeth and gums feeling cleaner and refreshed. The difference was noticeable immediately.

I am happy to endorse and will continue to use this wonderful clean, green, natural purifying product."

Dr. Rona Thau, BS DC -

"I have been using Bocca Pura for the last three months. Wow! Great product. It keeps my toothbrush and retainer clean and fresh and it works better than any other product I've tried. I have tried many, many others, but none have worked as well as Bocca Pura. I really like that it is 100% natural. Awesome!" 

Aldo I. - Musician/Instructor & owner of Amped Studios, Inc.

"I am placing an order right now. I have wished I had Bocca Pura so many times here lately. My family and I just love it." 

Debbie T. - Sales Professional/Mom

"After I brush with toothpaste, I brush my teeth with only Bocca Pura. My gums feel really good and my tongue and teeth feel so clean. Thanks, Bocca Pura." 

Tina M. - Executive Assistant

 "I travel a great deal and I never know what's getting in my toothbrush when I'm in a hotel. It's really nice to know I can spray it with Bocca Pura and not have to worry about germs. I also like that it's small enough to bring on the plane. If I have to go straight to a meeting, I can brush before landing." 

Jay R. - Entrepreneur

"I wear invisible braces and my breath smells pretty bad sometimes. I just take them out, spray with Bocca Pura and it works."  

 Danielle B. - College Student

"I spray my family's toothbrushes with Bocca Pura, and it's nice to know the brushes are clean. My son plays football and he uses it for his mouthguard."  

Elyse C. - Mom

"I've noticed my razor blades last longer when I spray them with Bocca Pura. I really like that because I don't have to replace them that often."  

Brian T. - Writer

"Recently I was in the park with my 7 and 4 year old sons. While playing on the slide, I scraped my elbow. After returning home, I needed to disinfect the cut, but didn't have any antibacterial medicine handy. I did the next best thing and sprayed the scrape with Bocca Pura. The high grade peroxide based formula worked great. It disinfected the cut and dried it up within days. Thank you for inventing a great all purpose hygienic product."  

Vincent M. - Account Manager

"I have to sleep with a mouth guard and it is full of bacteria when I wake up. I rinse it and then spray it with Bocca Pura before storing it away. Amazing product! Thanks." 

Megan M. - Dental Hygienist